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How e-trading can provide measurable benefits and a full audit trail
From order creation in the library to fulfilment by the supplier the supply chain can differ in three major aspects - standards used, messages supported and means of transmission. Unless both ends of the chain are speaking the same language, about the same document and using the same means of communication life can become very difficult!

Our ordering service links seamlessly with your LMS to add ease of management and maximum security to the acquisitions process.

As we are positioned at the hub of the supply chain, we can simplify the management process, ensure smooth and accurate communication and provide a full, independent audit trail for effective financial management and dispute resolution. Plus we reach suppliers who do not have EDI capability.

Features   Benefits
  • Electronic processing of all orders, order acknowledgements and invoices
  • Security of Value Added Network
  • Support 24/7
  • Proven network reliability
  • Full audit trail
  • Ability to send and receive documents on any network 
  • Extensive range of standard electronic messages used for all suppliers/customers
  • Option to connect over the internet using VPN software
  • Access to all suppliers/customers worldwide 
  • Reduced order times and errors, no need for re-keying
    Increased workflow and management of peak demand
  • Timely information including order acknowledgements, price and availability
  • Improved customer service including faster order turn-round, more efficient order receipting and accurate availability reporting
  • Reduced administration and labour costs
  • Reduced postage, telephone and fax costs
  • Communication and documentation processing can be automated and run in unattended mode


  • Some suppliers will offer additional discounts for trading electronically
  • Trusted electronic trading software for a PC/workstation which will run on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

BookNet EDI compared with FTP

  BookNet EDI  FTP
Secure Network  ü  û
Full Audit Trail  ü  û
Independent of LMS  ü  û
Independent of Library Supplier  ü  û
Full technical support  ü  û

We provide Transaction solutions to more than half of the UK’s public libraries. Our systems are integrated with all of the leading library system suppliers in the UK marketplace and adhere to the financial management guidelines set out by the Audit Commission and CIPFA.

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