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Nielsen PubEasy
Nielsen PubEasy is a web-based service providing 24x7, real-time access to customer service information from multiple suppliers. Nielsen PubEasy is used globally by thousands of booksellers to quickly and efficiently place orders, check price and title availability, check order status and track orders online with participating publishers, distributors and wholesalers. 

A global publishing e-Marketplace, represents the new standard in e-commerce for the global bookselling industry. Thousands of booksellers from over 110 countries are using Nielsen PubEasy to facilitate cost-effective access to order placement, order tracking, price, title and availability data over the Web quickly and easily. They can inquire about title, price and availability and order status from participating publishers, distributors and wholesalers. Booksellers with a Nielsen PubEasy password can directly access any participating Affiliate website on the Nielsen PubEasy network. The service is available via the web twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Nielsen PubEasy e-Marketplace of websites share common messaging and interface standards which make it easy for booksellers to connect with suppliers online. Nielsen PubEasy provides:

  •   Single password login to a network of participating publishers
  •   Up-to-the-minute information on title, price, and stock availability
  •   Inclusion of titles in a central search tool for price and availability
  •   Online 24/7 Order placement
  •   Confirmations even when publisher customer service departments are closed
  •   Order status inquiry capabilities, for all orders and back orders

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