Software Overview

Nielsen BookNet supplies a globally marketed, Windows-based EDI enabling application called Desktop*EDI. This software is aimed at customers with small to medium EDI traffic volumes. Desktop*EDI is designed specifically for the IBM PC (or compatible) user requiring a link to the Nielsen BookNet EDI Service and, optionally, other EDI services. It is designed for workstations running Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows XP/Vista NT4 (SP5 or 6)  and Windos Vista - thus taking advantage of the latest performance enhancing technology.

Desktop*EDI provides a broad range of functions designed to enable you to manage and control your EDI activities.

To assist users with their installation and use of Desktop*EDI software, full training is available either on- or off-site. This comprehensive training is recommended in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of Desktop*EDI.

Nielsen BookNet also supplies several other EDI software products. If Desktop*EDI doesn't cater for your requirements, our consultants will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable EDI enabling software for your requirements.

Core facilities
Additional facilities
Support, Maintenance and Training

Core Facilities

Desktop*EDI incorporates a number of core facilities including the ability to:

  • construct user application data to TRADACOMS, EANCOM and EDIFACT ANSI X. 12 syntax standards, and to translate data in these standards to application data files.
  • check the compliance of translated files to ensure that EDI documents are created according to your specifications.
  • connect to and manage the communications sessions with the Nielsen BookNet EDI Service, and other network services either through the Internet using a VPN or by a modem/phone line.
  • manage business partner(s) profile(s) including the user definition of multiple trading partners, multiple document types and multiple trading relationships.
  • manage document specific and/or partner specific business rules for processing EDI documents.
  • automate batch processes within Desktop*EDI and facilitate integration with user applications via an applications interface.
  • provide a full activity/audit log.

Additional Facilities

Desktop*EDI also incorporates additional functionality including the ability to:

  • support unattended communication sessions through the use of a comprehensive scheduling tool.
  • support operational, administration and housekeeping functions of Desktop*EDI.
  • support a variety of communication connection methods.
  • transfer non-EDI, binary data files across the Nielsen BookNet network.
  • connect to and manage the Nielsen BookNet EDI network services of Tradanet, and Ediswitch.
  • store EDI translation tables - over and above the 8 supplied as part of the Nielsen BookNet Service Subscription.

Desktop*EDI scheduler capabilities

The Scheduler facility within Desktop*EDI has been designed to enable you to operate the software in a genuinely 'lights-out' environment. Processes that can be automated include:

  • connecting to the Nielsen BookNet network at user specified times by hour, day, or week.
  • specifying a retry count and a time to delay between retries for any automated activity.
  • filtering data to be archived by status and/or age, where age is the number of days since the document entered the system (e.g. via creation, receive, or import).
  • running another application from the scheduler.
  • conditionally executing an activity based upon the status of the previously executed activity.
  • conditionally executing an activity based upon the existence of a user-specified file.
  • moving files from one folder to another based upon the document type/name, version, standard, format, APRF, trading partner and the status.
  • setting up "Send Only" connections independently by network profile.
  • setting up "Receive Only" connections independently by network profile.
  • exporting independently by export profile.


In order to use Desktop*EDI with the Nielsen BookNet Service, the user will need the following:

Dependencies for Desktop*EDI 3.n and above


  • an IBM compatible PC with at least a 166MHZ or above Intel Pentium Processor running either Windows 2000, 2003, Windows XP/Vista or Windows NT Service Pack 5 operating system. For Windows NT4 (SP5 or 6), at least 32Mb of memory is required.
  • a CD drive/DVD drive.
  • a colour monitor.
  • 20mb of spare capacity on the hard disk to load and store the software.
  • working storage is application dependent. A further minimum of 5Mb of disk capacity is recommended to allow for operational usage but is dependent on the profile of use.
  • Desktop*EDI also supports TCP/IP via a LAN connection and PPP via an ISDN dial-up connection.

Network Connections:

  • an appropriate service contract(s) for the network connection(s) required.
  • modem scripts suitable for the modem used for the network connection required.
  • access through the Internet using a VPN and Secure Remote software.

Support, Maintenance and Training

Full support and maintenance is provided with Desktop*EDI. Comprehensive training is also available both on- of off-site. This is recommended in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of Desktop*EDI. The following support and maintenance is provided:

  • software support between 9am and 5pm (British Time) Monday to Friday, excluding British public holidays (Tel: +44 (0)8705133165).
  • network support, 24-hours per day and 365 days per year. 
    (Tel: +44 (0)8705133165).
  • product error correction.
  • on-site consultancy and project management services are also available from Nielsen BookNet - please contact us.


  • Desktop*EDI updates are available to the user as part of the annual software maintenance charge. Support of previous versions will be withdrawn 12 months after the date of issue of the new version. All users are therefore encouraged to implement the latest version of Desktop*EDI at all times.
  • Support and Maintenance is only provided by Nielsen BookNet for those products and services that are contracted by Nielsen BookNet.
  • If you are not using the latest version of Desktop EDI software 3.7, please email:  to obtain a version of our latest Desktop EDI manual.