EDI message translation tables

The Nielsen Booknet community makes use of a wide variety of electronic messages across a range of message standards. Your subscription to the service includes up to 8 tables from the Industry-approved list. The following table details the message standards used by the community. Translation tables are available for Desktop EDI software. If you would like to receive any of these additional translation tables, or discuss the capabilities of any of these messages, please contact us. Additional translation tables over and above the 8 are charged at £150/table. Translation Tables for BIC/EDItEUR Approved Messages


Table name Table code Table nos.
Acknowledgement ACKHDR 4/T 381
Book Trade Orders 2 BTOHDR 2/T 383
Credit Note 9 CREHDR 9/T 386
Delivery Notice 9 DELHDR 9/T 357
Invoice 9 INVFIL 9/T 358
Orders 9 Purchase Order ORDHDR 9/T 349
Price/Availability Update PVUHDR 1/T 385
Statement/Remittance Advice 9 SRMHDR 9/T 384

Edifact (EANCOM)

Table name Table code Table nos.
Purchase Orders D96A EAN008 UNOC 3 1291
Purchase Order Response D96A EAN005 UNOC 3 1292
Purchase Order Change D96A EAN005 UNOC 3 1293
Quotation D96A EAN002 UNOC 3 1290
Invoice D96A EAN008 UNOC 3 1288
Invoice / Taxcon D96A EAN002 UNOC 3 1289
Price / Sales Catalogue D96A EAN006 UNOC 3 937C
Returns Authorisation For Return D96A RETANN EAN001 UNOC 3 1159
Returns Request For Authorisation D96A RETINS EAN001 UNOC 3 1158
Returns Authorisation Request D99A RETINS EDIT01 UNOC3 1326
Request for authorisation to return D99A RETANN EDIT01 UNOC3 1327

Translation Tables for General Approved Messages


Table name Table code Table nos.
General Communications GENHDR 3/T 388
Price Information 8 PRIHDR 8/T 365
Product Planning Report 2 PPRHDR 2/T 410


Table name Table code Table nos.
International Forwarding & Consolidation Summary IFCSUM 1.921 566/566C
International Multimodel Status Report IFTSTA 1.921 UNOA 1, 2 409/758/758C
Invoice INVOIC 1.921 436/436C
Inventory Report INVRPT 1.921 UNOA 1, 2 407/427/427C
VAT Single Market Report LIVDEC 1.912 255/255C
Party Information PARTIN 1.921 UNOB 477/477C
Price, Sales & Catalogue PRICAT D.96A UNOC 3 1182


Table name Table code Table nos.
Invoice 810   847
Purchase Order 850 BISAC2 749
Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 BISAC2 750
Shipping/Billing 857 v003020 SHIBIL 856
Shipping Notice/Manifest 856 v003010 SHINOT 733